11 January 2022
22 Condo Design Ideas to Turn Your Space Into a Luxurious Haven this 2022





Looking for low-maintenance condo design ideas this new year? Been planning to redesign your space but can’t be bothered to research and create a mood board for it? We got you! We’ve tallied 22 quick and easy ways to help you turn your condo into a luxurious haven for the new year!


As we welcome the new year, we’re pressured to list “resolutions” and goals that we have to accomplish before the year ends. But what if all we want at the moment is a clean, fresh, and newly-renovated place? Well, that’s a valid point, and you don’t necessarily need to have it all figured out. Instead, the key is to begin with the most manageable and most feasible task:  revamping your condo or home; hence, you will surely find this article handy!


2022 calls for an upgrade! A revamp need not be expensive and definitely should not be stressful. Read on for free condo design ideas you can try this 2022.


1. Add a splash of color to your space

What better way to start your condo revamp than to repaint your room? If 2021 meant neutral and primary colors for you, then 2022 is the perfect opportunity to experiment with bold and contrasting hues!


Very peri was announced as the Pantone color of the year 2022. Described as a ‘dynamic periwinkle,’ very peri gives off femininity while subtly showing a hue of blue with a red undertone.

Very Peri, the Pantone color of the year 2022


According to Pantone, very peri is a color that encourages personal inventiveness and creativity as “it represents the happiest and warmest of all the blue hues which introduces an empowering mix of newness.”


2022 is the perfect time to experiment with purple and blue hues! Among the colors that blend well with very peri are white, pink, beige, blue, grey, orange, yellow, and green. Read more about seven colors to pair with purple.


Here are some condo design ideas with these color combinations:


Purple with white room inspo, purple with grey living room idea, purple with yellow hue room idea, purple with green living room design idea

(Source: Pinterest)


2. Experiment with patterns

Time to upgrade your design game by incorporating patterns and bold shapes into your space! You can do so by picking pieces that you want to stand out the most in your condo; a rug, for example. A backsplash tile with patterns could also be a perfect way to incorporate shapes into your dull and lifeless condo. 


The key here is finding the perfect balance between adding an accent and not overdoing it. Watch out for too much contrasting shapes! 


3. Maximize your wall space

One hack that we will not leave in 2021 is using the wall space as extra storage. Instead of using the floor space the traditional way, try installing hooks and additional bins on your wall or behind your door. Trust us; this hack could save you space and make your condo bigger.


Here are five tips to make your space feel and look bigger.


4. Switch aesthetics

This 2022, you might need to switch aesthetics. So leave the beiges and neutral tones in 2021 and step up your aesthetics game for the year of the tiger! 


If you’re interested in MBTI’s, we’ve ramped up a compilation of condo aesthetics suggestions based on your personality test results! Check it out here


5. Loft your bed

What better way to save space and add a bit of character to your condo space than to loft your bed? This requires quite a bit of your time and resources, but it’s definitely worth the upgrade! Here are some loft bed inspirations for small spaces we found on Pinterest:



6. Match the season

Since it’s the Year of the Tiger, why don’t you give an orange-red combo a go? You don’t necessarily need to paint your walls with these tones. Instead, you can just pick out certain furniture pieces, kitchen utensils, tableware, and decorations in these colors and see if it would make a difference in your space. 


Pro tip: Start from the least to more expensive items when experimenting with designs and colors in your condo. You don’t want to splurge and end up not using most of the things you bought.


7. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Maybe a repaint or reorganization is not what you need; maybe your space just needs some decluttering.


If you’ve seen the famous Netflix series called Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, you’ve probably noticed how intensive decluttering made a big difference when revamping a space. Here’s how you can apply the Marie Kondo principles to condo living.


8. Go vertical

Have you tried arranging your stuff vertically instead of placing them on the floor? Related to using your wall as extra storage, you shall try arranging frames upward if you want a photo wall. Not only does this trick make your condo look spacious as it prevents you from occupying your floor space; it also draws the attention upward, creating an illusion of a taller and extensive room. Try it for yourself and see if it works for your condo!


9. Pick your statement pieces

Whether it’s a big mirror, a huge glass horse on your living room table, or an accent wall, picking your condo’s statement pieces is the way to go if you want to create a different atmosphere within your space.


10. Hop on trends

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Tiktok and Reels of Instagram. These days, there’s a plethora of condo design ideas or small space hacks you can find on these social media platforms! You can take inspiration from these 15 to 30-second videos and see if any of them catches your eye. The key is to experiment with styles and keep looking for inspiration!


11. Shop online from local businesses

Have you watched any unboxing videos recently? It’s fascinating how the internet has the power to influence our buying decisions, but that’s for a separate discussion.


Once you found a hack you wanted to try, head on to your favorite shopping apps and #ShopLokal! Get decorations and fascinating pieces online for a very affordable price! The key here is to keep looking and scout for good reviews before adding anything to your cart.


12. It’s not too late to be a Plantito/Plantita

The past two years in pandemic have made us all certified Plantitos and Plantitas, but if you haven’t been urged yet, it’s not late to be one!


According to a study, aside from the benefits of plants to the ecosystem, they also have the power to affect one’s mood and lower stress and anxiety levels. Check out the top 7 health benefits of houseplants.


13. Print your wall decorations

If online shopping is not your game, you can take free photos on the internet and print them out yourself! This hack is used mainly by students who want to spruce up and add a bit of personality to their desks. Try and see it for yourself!


14. Practice minimalism

Less clutter = calmer and more stable mood. Plus, you don’t have to add many items to your condo to achieve a better-looking and more productive space. 


Condo interior decorating is a handful, but if you know the vibe you want to achieve for your space (i.e., minimal and clean look), you’re definitely on the right track.


15. Mirrors still do the trick

Adding mirrors is a well-known hack to making your space look bigger, and honestly, it still does the trick! Try placing a mirror adjacent to your room or natural light source to create an illusion of a more expansive space.


16. Go for a rug that stands out

Rugs and carpets are statement pieces that are not as costly as glassware but can elevate your space and take your condo interior design to another level! If you don’t plan on splurging on expensive statement pieces, you can opt for bigger and more stylish carpets in your living area.


17. Lighting is the key

Sunlight does wonders for your body, but also for your condo space! So let the light in and bask in the natural glow during the day to create an airy and fresh atmosphere. 


Pro tip: Opt for light and see-through curtains for your living room window instead of black-out ones.


18. Install your vinyl flooring

If you’ve gotten tired of your basic floor tiles, fret not! Did you know that you can install vinyl flooring by yourself using only a few tools? All you need to do is measure your floor area,  canvass for your desired style and design online, and purchase it once you’ve decided!


Need some inspiration? In one of her condo diaries episodes, Y2K queen and famous Filipina Youtuber Ashley Garcia installed her wood flooring in her newly renovated condo! Get some tips and watch the full video here.


19. Add your coffee nook

If you’re a certified caffeine-dependent creature, adding a coffee nook in your condo could be the ultimate game-changer. Check out these coffee nook inspirations we got from Pinterest.




20. Create a separation between work and play

If you’re working remotely and having trouble concentrating at work, maybe it’s time to create a separation between your workspace and the rest of your condo. Adding furniture or curtains as dividers, or simply reorganizing your desk and bed might do the trick.


21. Redecorate your desk

Speaking of desks, for people working from home, their desk is their most-used area of the house. So if you’re one of them, it’s a must to declutter and organize your desk area to allow you to work more productively.


Using this space as your statement and accent by adding a bit of character to your set-up is also an excellent way to revamp your living space.


22. Organize your shoes and wardrobe

Lastly, the key to achieving a tidier and aesthetically pleasing space is to ensure your wardrobe and shoes are stacked in their proper places! 


As always: keep it clean, organized, and clutter-free!


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