NEWS - 07 September 2020

10 Space-saving, Cost-efficient Hacks for Condo Owners

Got a bunch of things to put in your condo unit but can’t seem to find extra spaces?


For condo homeowners, it’s crucial that everything fits in perfectly in their places. Most condo-dwellers go for multi-purpose foldable furniture and interior pieces because they want to save space as much as possible.


Decorating a studio unit can be a bit challenging when you have so much to put in. In the Philippines, the average size of a condo can go as small as 23 square meters. Thus, we have compiled a few hacks to make use of your space and make the cramped condo feel a little bit bigger.



Opt for Loft

For studio unit owners, you can never go wrong with a loft-type bunk bed, a multi-functional furniture that has storage-step ladders for your books, shoes, and a  room for a mini-office set-up a retractable table just below your bed.


One practical tip for condo owners who want to save space is to store everything vertically so as to not take up most of the space. This is the concept behind loft-type condos and versatile furniture and convertibles like this bunk bed which allows you to store most of your stuff in just one corner of your unit.


Hang ‘em on the wall

Maximize the walls by using it as a vertical storage. Pile up your books and use a metal holder to support the weight. A floating bookshelf can also be a nice condo design if you do it correctly. Just make sure to arrange the shelves properly and add a little bit of color to add a distinct feel to it.


Put more storage boxes to maximize spaces

Transform unusable nooks in your condo that’s too small to serve any purpose if you leave them as it is. These seemingly insignificant spaces could save you tons of spaces if you just follow this hack: 

Opt for pull-out cabinets that could hold small items like kitchenware and other tools. As you may have already seen in some magazines, storage boxes can also be placed on your stairs, or even below your bed.


Look behind the door

Aside from the usual floating shelves, the back of your door can also serve another purpose by using it as a vertical hanger or storage. Pile up your coats, hats, keys, umbrellas, and even bottles in a neatly placed and arranged metal rack. This can also help you see important things very easily.


Skip the traditional floor lamp

Try to explore lighting alternatives that will not take up a space in your condo. Opt for DIY hanging bulbs that could highlight the height of your unit or you might also want to skip the tedious process and go for wall sconces. 


Switch to anything light

Avoid using dark-colored curtains and opt for white or light-colored ones to make a room look more spacious. Give your condo a breezy and airy feel by choosing the right color that matches your interior 

such as white, cream, or light beige. For the curtains, it’s better to pick those that are made of light materials than those that look bulky.


Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

If your space feels too cramped, you can try to hang and use mirrors to create an illusion of depth and make your room look larger. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light which could make a unit look brighter either day or night. 


Free-up the entryway

Avoid tripping over something by keeping your entryways open. This is why using small spaces as storage helps. Make your condo clean and clutter-free by keeping everything in place and avoid putting objects or boxes in random places. Keep them out of your way by placing them in almost insignificant corners in the kitchen or your bedroom.


Slide up and down

Sliding furniture pieces can also do the trick. Sliding bookshelves and cabinets are also a great way to maximize your space

A sliding door is also more practical when you’re trying to save a space. Sliding doors do not obstruct pathways; they do not occupy more space because you don’t have to pull or push them.


Hang a clothes rack

Assign a corner in your condo where you hang your clothes rack. Putting up a huge closet can take up so much space so it’s wise to hang your clothes instead of piling them up in multiple boxes that could only make your room feel too cramped. 


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