NEWS - 07 May 2021

6 Last-minute Gift Ideas for Mom if you don’t know what to give her this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most awaited celebrations throughout the year-- it’s universal, momentous, and remarkable for people from all walks of life. 


You may be living with your mom at the moment, or have someone whom you consider as one. Either way, we all find reasons to celebrate this holiday for someone extraordinary and dear to our hearts.


For some, a bouquet of mom’s favorite flowers makes up for the occasion, but if you’re planning to be a little bit extra and go the extra mile to express your appreciation for mom on her special day, here are a few simple and easy-to-find gift ideas you might want to check out:





Throw Pillows

Yup, giving mom a set of new pillows for her beloved sala set is one of the best things you could do on this special occasion. Not only will you give her a gift, but also add life to your living area where she mostly spends her time at. 






Potted Plants

The new generation of Plantitas would not be here if not for the previous wave of plant enthusiasts. If your mom has an eye for these green living things, then picking up the freshest potted ones is the way to go.







Scent reminds us of memories and experiences, even persons we associate with it, so why not give mom a diffuser that will remind her of you? This comes with various oils, which she can interchange depending on her mood and preference. 







Scented Candles

If your mom loves going to spas for massage and aromatherapy, you’ve found a friend in scented candles! These are ordinary candles but with a spin-- these scents aid in stress, anxiety and helps calm the mind. Just like the diffuser, these scented candles will remind mom of you whenever she lights up one. Thanks to the gift of scent.







New Kitchen Pans

Cooking food for people should definitely be a love language, and moms know how to do this best! Level up her gear with new pans. Maybe join in and bond over cooking a family recipe too!







We’re encouraged to bring our reusable bottles, but how about we level it up and get mom an insulated thermos! It’ll definitely help keep their water cool, which is especially helpful with the summer heat.




Whatever form and however small it is, anything that’s bought or prepared with love will surely be appreciated by mom. Try not to complicate things and go for something you think would be helpful for her daily chores.


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