NEWS - 27 July 2020

Auto-Debit Payment Option Now Available Using Aqwire!

Good news, Aqwire users! You can now pay your monthly fees using the Auto-Debit Payment feature for hassle-free transactions!


Empire East’s online payment partner Aqwire now offers an easier, worry-free, and convenient option to secure your monthly amortizations and other payments through this new feature. To have an access to this option, enroll your card to the Auto-Debit Payment tab and follow these steps:





1. Go to https://realestate.aqwire.io/empireeast.



2. Click ‘Enroll to Auto-Debit’.


3. Fill out the form.



4. Enroll your debit card.


Explore the Auto-Debit Payment option now and settle your fees safely and quickly! ! For more updates, follow our official Facebook and Instagram pages, or view the latest stories here.


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