NEWS - 21 July 2021

Bigger Spaces: Get the Best Deal When You Buy this 2-BR Condo for rent in San Juan

Condominiums for sale nowadays have been very flexible in terms of maximizing space. Imagine how some real estate developers manage to offer studios that only range from 16 to 20 square meters. For an on-the-go bachelor, that small condo-for-rent is perhaps doable if it is meant as a sleeping quarter. But admit it, that’s too cramped! Not all of us want to live in a dormitory-size room for the rest of our lives. We want more space where we can breathe and do more things. That’s why a two-bedroom suite maybe just right for you!


Perfect for a Growing Family

You may be single for now, but don’t you want to start up your own family sooner or later? You have a baby or a toddler right now, but don’t you want your kids to have a separate room when they grow up? A two-bedroom condo unit is surely ideal for a growing family, so it’s better to get one now than later.


Extra Space for Recreation

Aside from being a guest room, you may convert your second bedroom into a home office, a library, a meditation or prayer room, a playroom for your kids, an entertainment room, or whatever your creative mind can think of.


Bigger Return on Investment

If you intend to buy a condo for investment, you may consider something that drives higher ROI. A two-bedroom condo can accommodate more tenants, therefore yielding higher rental rates and bigger income for you. Or if you intend to occupy a one-bedroom condo unit, lease out the other bedroom, maybe long-term like a 6-month or 1-year contract, or short-term through apps like AirBnB, so that there’s continuous cash flow on your end, which can ease out your bank financing payments.


Mango Tree Residences along M. Paterno Street in San Juan City offers a wide range of two-bedroom suites and for-rent condos that are masterfully-planned to maximize convenience, comfort and exclusivity. With only 9 to 12 suites per floor, this low-dense two-tower condominium development by Empire East is infused with a nature-rich setting as the perimeter of the property is lined up with natural mango trees and landscaped gardens, complemented with rejuvenating amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness gym, yoga station and garden deck.


Choose from two-bedroom suites with floor areas ranging from 45.15 to 51.75 square meters. Special discounts are also up for grabs under Empire East's newest promo! Grab these offers and check out this condo for rent in San Juan. Don't forget to follow @empireeast on our social media accounts or send an email to inquiry@empire-east.com to inquire!


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