NEWS - 26 July 2021

Confused? Feeling lost? 2021 is all about making strategic choices. Here's why

Given that we’re on a timeline with unprecedented events happening left and right and the year 2020 has left us anxious and iffy, it’s just apt to long for security as a new year unfolds.


The ongoing pandemic forces us to adapt strategically- not just for survival but also for staying on top of our health and own protection, which is why everything we do must be mindfully thought of and tailored to cater to our long-term needs. 


While we cannot control what’s happening in the world, we are certainly in control of ourselves and the decisions we make. 


Which of these options would you go for this 2021?

Live dependently or independently?

While all of us need some TLC every once in a while, we’re not getting any younger as the years pass. Would you rather live with someone else or have the courage to sail on your own?


Take this time to explore things by yourself, do chores, make decisions without seeking input from others, and plan resources only for yourself. Living on your own will teach you life skills and will make you a better version of yourself because you get to think about the pros and cons of your own decision, weigh things out, and plan your next step if things don’t work out.




Push forward or stay behind?

Sure, the year 2020 was like a whirlwind happening right in front of our eyes, and we didn’t have any choice but to adapt and let it all pass. This year, would you rather take things slow and keep your pace or ride the tide to progress past uncertainties?


This 2021, the goal is not to stay stagnant. Keep learning, keep pushing! Let go of the things that hold you back. Think strategically and look straight into your goals. By grace and time, you’ll get there soon!





Start a family or start a business?

The choice is yours: would you rather start a family or a business to keep you company?


Think about the future and look at how things would be by then. Is starting a family practical and wise, or is building a business now and sowing the fruits of your patience and hard work after some time better and more strategic? You decide.



Save up for travel plans or invest in real estate?

There’s perfect timing for everything, and it seems like our travel plans will be put on hold for a few more months. While we are in the process of recovering and developing vaccines against the virus, try to put your money for traveling to better use. Instead of saving up for your trip, why not venture into investing in real estate? By the time things are back to normal, and the foreign borders are already open for business and travel, you might have already gotten a portion of the money you invested. 


This year, your best choice is to spend your money and resources wisely. There’s nothing to lose but a lot more to gain.


Rent or own?

Is it really worth it to spend your early years renting a place? Or would you rather get the same (maybe even better) perks and privileges by owning a condo?


Deciding which road to take between these two options is really a matter of evaluating your finances and lifestyle needs. It takes mindful consideration of your resources, too. But if you see renting as a more affordable option now, don’t cross out the possibility of buying your own home someday. It’s totally worth the money and definitely worth saving for!


Thankfully, there are countless options available for affordable condos out there. One of the top real estate developers who offer mid-range properties is Empire East.


Empire East has an impressive portfolio of high-quality yet affordable homes strategically located in and beyond Metro Manila. One of which is the upcoming township development in Pasig-Cainta.


Empire East Highland City is Empire East’s newest project located at Felix Avenue and surrounded by a thriving community of commercial developments and booming business districts. This 24-hectare development is cleverly designed to give future homeowners a luxurious and elevated lifestyle by incorporating new technology and sustainable efforts in its construction.


Good news! Under Empire East's newest promo, you can avail yourself of a 1-Bedroom Suite at Empire East Highland City for as low as P9,000 monthly for 5 years! Promo lasts until JULY 31, 2021 only so hurry and reserve your unit today! To know more about this promo, please visit www.empire-east.com/promos or follow @empireeast on social media!


Aside from this condo for sale in Pasig-Cainta, Empire East also has an upcoming project in Mandaluyong and San Juan-- The Paddington Place and Mango Tree Residences. Both are strategically tucked in the heart of the cities to offer convenience and accessibility to their future residents.


Make this year count by making strategic decisions! Call 0917- 8EMPIRE/ 0999- 88EELHI or email inquiry@empire-east.com to get started.

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