NEWS - 13 October 2021

CREATING BEAUTIFUL VIDEO CONTENT: How can real estate agents stand out in online selling in the new normal?

Gilmore Heights, Quezon City, October 13-- Sales Manager Catherine Catama and her team attended an exclusive video shooting and editing crash course conducted by Marketing's Sales Advertising and Training Group today. This event aims to leverage agents’ skills and provide knowledge on effective ways to produce eye-catching video content used to sell on online platforms. 
















In this hour-long workshop, the agents learned the basic video shooting techniques and steps to editing their videos using easily accessible apps and tools.









"Our agents are very talented when it comes to prospecting and selling. Two years ago, they would have survived with just the traditional habits in selling. However, they are forced to adapt to online selling because of the pandemic, which offers a completely different landscape,” says  SAT trainer Mike Mijares. 


"As a result, agents have to upskill, and they need to learn how to create beautiful photo and video content to succeed in their selling goals," he continues.


Since the digital transformation that accelerated in the past two years, the real estate selling industry has faced increasing pressure from online prospecting, standing out, or beating tricky algorithms unique to each online platform. 


"I am happy with the outcome of our workshop today," says Sales Manager Catherine Catama. "I always try to grab every opportunity for training and learning offered by the Marketing Department because I want my team to improve continuously," she continues.


The Sales Advertising and Training Group has conducted exclusive training and video shooting opportunities for qualified sales teams. 


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