NEWS - 24 August 2021

Do you really think choosing a house over a condo will help you become the adult you hope to be?

If you were to choose between a house and a condo, what would you prefer?


Most of you will probably go for the former because the term “house” usually correlates with warmth, space, and family. In Filipino culture, owning one is almost equivalent to being successful, especially if you’re from a middle-income household and a breadwinner whom your family hopes could give them a better life.


When the time comes that you’re finally on your own-- daydreaming about the future, replaying movie-like scenarios in your head about how fun it would be to have your place where you could do all your fantasies without anyone judging you, your decision-making process might be influenced by how you were raised. So between a house and a condominium unit, there’s a higher chance of you going for the first option.


But would getting a house with a bigger space help you become the adult you aspire to be?


Between a house and a condo, what really is the BETTER option that’s conducive for you? Here are some points you should consider:



Let’s face it: all of us aspire to have our place someday. May it be a small condo, a house and lot, or rent out an apartment, living an independent life is almost on everybody’s bucket list nowadays, especially millennials. But let’s also talk about the responsibilities that come with maintaining an ample space as such. It could be costly and rigorous as it requires a lot of your time and effort.


Your monthly cost for a house would depend upon a personal budget and the community you live in. Some subdivisions or villages require a Homeowners Association Dues on top of your budget for home renovations and improvements.


On the other hand, condo dues also require monthly Association fees that cover the cost for the maintenance of common areas, etc., on top of your own home improvements as well.


Price point

Let’s be honest, when it comes to money-related decisions, the first thing we consider is the price (of course). It’s practical and realistic. It also goes the same with choosing between a house and lot and a condo unit.


While you can find a house and lot package at a lower price, the quality of materials used and the location would have to be compromised most of the time. Meanwhile, there is a wide array of affordable yet high-quality and first-class condo units in the metro like what Empire East offers.


You don’t need to compromise the quality, accessibility, and convenience for the price. All you have to do is opt for trusted developers and take advantage of limited discounts like what Empire East usually offers!


Convenience and mobility

If you’re an adventurous millennial who likes to travel and don’t want to commit yet to stay in one place long-term, getting a house might not be the perfect choice for you, as owning one means you need to reside in an area for a long time. 


On the flip side, most horizontal developments are located at the outskirts of the metro. Therefore, you get to enjoy the peace and quiet away from the city’s noise and pollution.


Meanwhile, there are plenty of unit options in the metro that are more accessible to your daily needs. You can also find ones that are private and less populated but still accessible, like Empire East’s Mango Tree Residences in San Juan.


While owning a house could give you more space, getting a condo unit located at a dynamic metropolis near your workplace, lifestyle hubs, and other significant touchpoints vital for your everyday life is a better option. You also need not worry about the security of your place as you’re ensured that your community is well-managed and maintained with 24/7 CCTV cameras.


Income opportunities

Listing a property for sale is a tedious and time-consuming process. For example, if you purchased a house or a condo and decide to move to another country or place, you would have sell it at a higher market value, depending on the terms you and the potential buyer will agree on.


On the other hand, with a condo unit, you have better income opportunities when you decide to rent it out, or use it as Airbnbs.


What’s next?

Now that we’ve discussed a few points to consider, have you decided which one is a more suitable choice for you? Would you buy a house? Or a condo?


It all depends on your priorities and preferences.


We hope this article gave you a different perspective and helped you weigh your options.


Once you're already decided, let us help you with the your homebuying process!


If you're still dreaming of owning a HOUSE, Empire East have available LOTS for sale at The Sonoma in Laguna, where you can build the house of your dreams! Meanwhile, if you want to pursue investing in a condo, Empire East also offers a selection of affordable and quality developpments in Metro Manila.


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