NEWS - 14 September 2020

Empire East Hailed as one of "Asia's Best Performing Companies" at ACES 2020

MANILA, Philippines, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Top real estate developer Empire East bags recognition as 'Asia's Best Performing Companies' at the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2020, organized by MORS Group, sweeping two consecutive wins from the renowned award-giving body.


This award is given to high performing enterprises that have produced remarkable growth in revenue and are on the path to joining the line of giant corporations of Asia. Among 420 nominees, Empire East secured the award through its continuous progress in building homes and communities for 26 years -- proving its resiliency and success in the service of its homeowners and neighboring cities.


A distinguished panel of judges from across Asia recognized the potential of Empire East from publicly available information, company records, reports, and previous accolades and achievements. To advance the evaluation process, Empire East underwent a panel interview to further acquaint the judges with its accomplishments and performance and shortlist the winners. 


In 2019, Empire East garnered a 15% bump from the previous year as it celebrated its 25th anniversary. In the same year, the company reached out to 37 communities helping about 4,000 people, planting 700 trees, supporting five schools and 17 organizations in the process. The year also celebrated the completion of more than 2,000 residential units for seven of its towers.


Empire East is committed to providing its stakeholders with only the best quality services. "All these awards and recognitions are proof of our steadfast commitment to helping improve in the service of all our homeowners as well," shares Atty. Yu, Empire East's President, and CEO. 


The ACES Awards is one of the most distinguished accolades that acclaim inspiring leaders and sustainability advocates.


Empire East attests to its commitment to excellence and building quality homes for Filipino families by continuously receiving corporate recognition locally and internationally. In 2019, Empire East's President and CEO Atty. Anthony Charlemagne C. Yu was also recognized as an Outstanding Leader in Asia by the same award-giving body.


MORS Group organizes the ACES Awards -- assisting companies and engaging stakeholders & employees to embrace and share the platform to exhibit growth and corporate sustainability excellence.




Source: MORS Group

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