NEWS - 19 November 2020

Five Ways to Manage Your Feelings

Even before the pandemic hit this 2020, feelings can be hard to manage, so what more now when radical changes are set, forcing us to adapt to this new normal? The difference in routine and lifestyle can be overwhelming, and many of us feel lost. But we try to find ways to make it through every situation.


It often feels like 'feelings' block us from being productive, but feelings are a natural response to situations. We mustn't bottle all these feelings up because they're trying to communicate something to us. Although it's hard, especially at first, we can find ways to manage and understand our feelings.




Here are five ways to manage your feelings!



Acknowledge and feel it out

As mentioned earlier, feelings are a natural response to a situation or event. So whatever it is that you feel, they are entirely valid! Often we repress our emotions, especially the ones we deem wrong, like anxiety, sadness, and even anger. But it's okay! Bottling these feelings up overtime becomes draining as you use most of your energy to hold them down. When we try to let these feelings out and recognize them for what they are, it can help us transition into a better place than skipping to "feel" them at the moment.





Try an activity that helps you process your emotions.

Many people practice meditation, which can do wonders for you. This idea makes you focus on getting your brain to declutter all the negative thoughts, but in reality, meditation only helps to get you still, even for just a while, to have the time to process your feelings. There are tons of excellent guided meditation videos online, and some are even just for 5 minutes if you have a full schedule ahead.


And if meditation isn't your style, then give these other ideas a try: You can start journaling, paint, and play music! All of this can help us express and process our feelings. Find one that best suits your style. 




Find a physical activity!

Any form of exercise is excellent for your overall health, and that means it's a great non-verbal way also to release your feelings! Physical activities release dopamine and endorphins to the brain that make you feel happy. So, go for a quick walk (but still following health and safety guidelines, wear your mask and face shield). Do a quick home workout routine. Or do a virtual workout with friends to keep each other accountable and have something to bond over. 






If the luxury of time isn't on your side, there are breathing exercises that you can do when in a stressful situation. You can try the 4-7-8 breathing method. You inhale for four counts, hold your breath for seven, and then release for eight counts. Do this several times to ground yourself. 






Reach out! You are not alone.

Often we keep things to ourselves because we are afraid of being a bother or a burden to others, but humans are social beings, and we need the community to thrive. So, reach out to a friend, spend a bit of time talking things through. We are all just human and want to be heard, so let yourself be heard and listen to one another. 


Eventually, we can find ways that work for us when it comes to dealing with our feelings. Although things are still tough, we can find ways to make our environment a safer space to express ourselves. After all, home is a feeling. 


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