NEWS - 29 June 2017

Fulfilling a blanket of dreams

For 23 years, Empire East Land Holdings Inc. has been working hand in hand with the Filipino people. The mission of fulfilling every Filipino’s desire of owning their own home has fueled this leading property developer to act as a bridge to make their dreams a reality. They have sought every opportunity to serve as a steady anchor and reliable partner of families and individuals to own their first home.

Building communities which speaks of innovation and stability has been Empire East’s guiding principle. They have made significant impacts on their chosen location and has infused a vibrant energy into the usually fast-paced environment of Metro Manila.

“We take pride in how our communities have taken shape over the years—they embody the kind of integrated, multi-faceted lifestyle we envisioned for its residents today,” said Empire East president and CEO Atty. Anthony Charlemagne Yu.

Being an urban developer, Empire East has effectively used their real estate expertise. They looked toward the needs of the market as their barometer on how to affect significant change in their homeowner’s life. From its transit-oriented developments to its resort-inspired projects, it has clearly given the discerning mid-market a home worthy of their hard-earned money.

And after 23 years of service, Empire East is still hungry to reach out to more Filipinos by providing them safe and innovative havens. The thrust is to leave a lasting impact to the community they serve.

The past few weeks have been a demonstration of their willingness to play an active role in the lives of the community they serve.

A series of humanitarian activities called “Empire East Cares” were held with the goal of improving the lives of many Filipinos in the long run. From building homes to giving away warmth, these programs were geared to give back and share happiness within and around the community.

“For years, the company has been passionately aiming to improve the lives of aspiring Filipino homeowners. Staying true to this cause, Empire East focuses on helping less privileged families in nearby communities with the goal of offering hope, warmth, nutrition, and art,” Yu explained.

The company looked to their employees to roll up their sleeves and find inspiration through the people they serve. “Empire East Cares” began during the company’s Yolanda relief efforts in 2013 and we hope to carry more charitable events in the future. It is also our way of saying thank you to our customers and stakeholders for giving us a multitude of opportunities to positively impact the lives of even more Filipinos. It is, after all, Empire East’s goal to forge ahead and mark even more milestones as we continue to seize new growth opportunities,” Yu further added.

pROOFS is the umbrella event of Empire East Cares in partnership with Gawad Kalinga. Its goal: Provide shelter to less privileged families in Muntinlupa City.

The lives of 38 families were changed last July 15. The groundbreaking activity and ceremonial key turnover were held to signal the turning of a new chapter in the lives of displaced families. The homes are to symbolize new and greater beginnings for the beneficiaries.

“Empire East believes that a home is not a luxury, but rather a right—the right of every Filipino to shelter. The houses that we will be building will not just benefit us, but it will be for the next generation,” Yu said.

The small philanthropic deeds of Empire East Cares hope to send out a message that change begins to take shape through small deeds. Sharing however little we have to those who have less in life can create a ripple in the web of life. The strEATs event was facilitated by Empire East employees. The company gave away treats and free meals to homeless individuals including street kids. Instilling the value of sharing meals with the family, Empire East, through strEATs, established the importance of looking after impoverished people who do not have anything to eat at all.

Last July 21, Empire East turned its eye to the City of Marawi, where more Filipinos are suffering. Blankets were given to the people of Marawi to remind them that they are not forgotten and that an entire nation rallies behind them. Called the Blanket Project, the company sought to provide the warmth of a loving family to those affected by the ongoing siege in Mindanao. On August 4, art will be the main focus of the Empire East Cares program. An art workshop will be conducted to young students in the province to harness and awaken their love for the arts. This is their way of pulling the heart closer to the home.

Every stroke and brush of color will be an expression of hope for this urban developer. It is their hope that every Filipino will have a house they can call a home. Empire East continues to weave dreams that every child will grow up in a safe and happy environment. And as they look forward to more milestones in the future, Empire East takes to heart all the lessons of working together with and for Filipinos to provide them with a decent and comfortable life.

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