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Getting sick of your old interior? Here are 5 quick and easy tips to revamp your condo

Staying in a place for years could make your home dull and uninviting. And we all know that the overall vibe and feel of our place affect our mood. So to freshen things up, it’s time to revamp your condo unit and create a whole new atmosphere in your home!



Here are five (5) quick and easy ways to redecorate your space:


1. Liven things up by adding plants.

Plants haven’t failed yet in their mission to make any corner look alive and pleasing to the eye. Putting one can also do the trick in freshening up your place! If you don’t have a green thumb, you may get artificial or fake plants for your reading nook or any corner of your living area. 


Plants have the magic to change your condo’s overall look and mood if you put them in the right places.















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Bonus tip: You can also put up an indoor garden and invest in real plants if you have a balcony where your plant babies can thrive and get enough sunlight. If your unit is facing against a window, you can still get succulents or plants that don’t need watering often.


2. Move your furniture and follow a new layout.

Sometimes, moving the furniture and rearranging them does the trick of creating a new vibe for your space. All it takes is proper planning, opting for custom furniture pieces that fit a corner and will maximize the floor area of your condo, and the patience to start from scratch. 


Moving furniture and revamping your layout is the closest to renovating a condo. You may not be smashing walls or building a new room, but you can create a different mood and ambiance by following a different setup.














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Pro-tip: When rearranging your furniture, make sure the area is bare and clutter-free. You can also download free furniture placement tools online. Moreover, to create a balanced look in your place, group heavy furniture pieces with other larger objects or put smaller pieces together. Another tip is to not place all furniture against walls; create depth by using the middle space and turning it into a multi-functional area (i.e., working room and a living area in one).


3. Pick timeless furniture and interior pieces.

Choosing the right furniture is one, but picking the right interior pieces is another thing. Signature pieces tie the whole place together and impact the overall look of your home. When redesigning a place, creativity is really your best friend. 










Examples of timeless interior pieces: A table centerpiece, a vintage mirror, and a suspension lamp or chandelier (Photos from Pinterest)





Invest in timeless interior pieces that match the overall look and style of your home. Placing mirrors against a light source can also make your space look bigger. 


Other ways to revamp a space are by adding layers and hanging bookshelves, and other accessories. This way, you’re preserving floor space while also adding character and dimension to your unit. 


4. Change the mood by using the proper lighting.

If your unit is directly facing a window with a natural light source, you already have a headstart to making your place look a bit brighter and more inviting. Capitalize on the excellent location of your unit and bask in the morning sunlight instead of using LEDs.









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Pro-tip: To achieve the light and airy feel in your condo, use sheer curtains instead of blackout ones. Let the sunlight in!


On the flip side, you can install LED lights in your bedroom or workspace to spice things up a little bit. 










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5. Paint or Wallpaper?

Paints and wallpapers have the power to change the overall ambiance of your home. Choose a color that matches your aesthetic but also enhances the features of the place. For instance, to achieve a light and cozy ambiance, go for pastel, off-whites, creams, and beige paints. But if you want to achieve a more creative and quirky setup, go for bold colors and printed wallpapers.



















Examples of clean, sleek, and monochromatic paint colors (Photos from Pinterest)















Examples of bold and patterned living room wallpapers (Photos from Pinterest)


Find the ideal unit with a layout and size that suits your lifestyle needs!

The key to living a comfortable condo lifestyle is choosing the right unit size and layout. Our tip is to select the size that fits all your stuff while leaving room for you to move and do other activities. 


Empire East offers a selection of units ranging from an executive studio to a 1-to-2-Bedroom Suite and even Penthouse units with a balcony. The good news is, you can avail yourself of any of these units on your own terms through Empire East’s flexible payment options!


Reserve your dream home today!

Start your homebuying journey and live the ultimate dream of decorating your space according to your taste! 


Talk to one of Empire East’s accredited sales representatives to discover your home options by sending us a message or calling 0917-8EMPIRE. You may also shoot an email to inquiry@empire-east.com.


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