NEWS - 27 July 2021

#Goals: Check out these feed-worthy finds from our favorite influencers!

When the pandemic came, a massive appreciation for online shopping took over the country. After all, adding to cart means people can still enjoy shopping even while living in isolation. This led to weekly recommendations of online finds from influencers and even fellow Facebook group members. From state-of-the-art coffee makers, colorful bedsheets, clicky keyboards to inverter air conditioning units, there is always a "Best Find" for everyone. 


But let’s be real, why do people fall into budols? As financially taxing as it can be to some people, the sense of control that online shopping gives them is helpful, especially in these trying times where everything seems out of control.  


Living in quarantine also provided everyone a new perspective on living. Because they’re now spending so much time indoors, it would be best to invest in their very own space. Through these adorable trinkets and functional appliances, we’re able to decorate and curate the space we want according to our aesthetic. 


Since PayDay is just around the corner, maybe you need a new item to upgrade your space or even life. We listed down a couple of feedworthy finds from our favorite influencers just in case you needed a little push to get budol-ed. 



Abstract Shaped Desk Mirror from @janinavela

Janina Vela shared a snap of her adorable abstract-shaped desk mirror, which gave her desk a bit of an eccentric look without looking excessive. It’s set to complement any space, even with its abstract shape. If you’re looking for something different in a mirror, you might want to check this out!








Ghost Chair from @davidguison

Unlike other influencers who dedicate a place of their Best Finds on their Instagram feed, David Guison likes to keep them neat and tidy in his Story Highlights. It’s filled with recommendations, but this one grabbed our attention. It’s as clean as his feed but the beige color of the acrylic seat gives it an edge so it doesn’t look too plain. If you want a similar vibe for your space, consider checking his Instagram Highlight! 











Muted and Pastel Ceramic Mugs from @fayebalogo

If there’s anything we love about Faye Balogo other than her Youtube channel, it’s her Instagram feed. It stays consistent with the color palette of her clothes, space, and even her food. How can a piece of croissant ever fit into one’s aesthetic is beyond us. One thing is for sure, even her muted colors and pastel mugs suit her! We agree, it’s our favorite corner in her room, too! 





Mushroom Lamp from @brentymanalo

In a sea of local content creators who take their Instagram content seriously, count Brent Manalo in! Even just a quick scan of his Instagram feed would leave you amused. What amused us more is this mushroom lamp in his feed. If a lamp takes that long to come, it should fit the ‘gram -- and it did! It’s different from other lamps, from its structure to color, you will surely have a unique piece in your home if you got one. 





Different Wooden Plates from @vince_uy

You don’t think wooden plates would fit any type of aesthetic other than a local restaurant. Well, that’s what we thought, too, until we saw Vince Uy’s lunch date set up! Following the Bilao wall art that surprised the whole country, we think this is one way to put the pizazz in traditional Filipino items respectfully. It’s elegant and inexpensive, making it the perfect set-up for your very own lunch date. If you’ve been wanting to purchase wooden plates, this is the sign!





Pink Sofa Bed from @aryannaepperson

Sofa beds usually don't look flattering, so we would opt to hide them somewhere for future use. On top of that, it’s not as comfy as a regular bed. Aryanna Epperson begs to differ, showing us that sofa beds can be cute and cozy, too. In its chic shade of pink, you’ll have a delightful sofa bed that even your guests would love and enjoy! 


Aside from investing in these items, it's also ideal to spend your hard-earned money on things that could potentially be a source of income in the future -- like a real estate property! Put your savings into good use and watch it grow in a couple of years with a real estate investment. 


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