NEWS - 19 November 2021

How I Earned My First Million Pesos Through Real Estate Selling

Empire East sales agents reveal how being Connected, Committed, and Concerned for their clients' homebuying purpose has helped them fulfill their client's dreams and caused them to earn their first million pesos amid the threats of a pandemic.



November 15, 2021, Metro Manila, Philippines --- In a recent virtual awards ceremony, Empire East recognized 300 sales agents for their exponential sales growth, resulting in as much as 2.2 billion pesos in net sales for the third quarter of 2021. In addition, two hundred sales contributors received the Bronze recognition, 30 quota achievers received Silver, and 50 quota exceeders received the Gold award. But one of the event's highlights is the 25 Platinum Awardees who form part of the "Millionaire's Club" or agents who received an accumulated net pay of not less than one million pesos from January to September.


"From the first business disruption caused by the pandemic in 2020, we knew we needed to see our work from a new lens and adapt to the market's needs for safer, faster, more effective presentations and sales services. Since then, our salespersons have changed a lot in how they handle their clients from prospecting to closing, which enables them to serve more Filipino families despite the trying times," says Training Resource and Development Manager Mr. Chad Riobuya.


In the 'new normal," the government imposed strict rules on face-to-face meetings and highlighted the importance of getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. While apprehensions remain high, Empire East has since announced a 96% fully vaccinated population, including frontline sales agents, which helped them gain the trust of more homebuyers. This, too, contributed to the rise in property demand and sales each quarter.


"I feel so honored and happy to be part of Empire East's Platinum Awardees. It only shows that the little things I do every day, like waking up earlier than the rest, have allowed me to set valuable time in creating a more profound relationship among my prospective clients over time. This helped me a lot in my selling journey," shared Napoleon San Diego, a Sales Officer who achieved a Platinum award this quarter.




"I also make it a habit to post on Facebook and gather clients from other sources. I also invested in paid ads to connect with only those who are actively looking for a home, so it is easy for me to serve their needs," explained Joselito Jose, a Sales Officer that received a Gold award this quarter. "Also, I gather sales from referrals of my relatives, friends, and previous clients. What's important is that my leads remember to contact me when they are ready to invest," he added. 


In addition to consistent online efforts, Empire East sales agents continue to expand their connections as they nurture great relationships with their close network, starting from their families and loved ones. 


According to other agents, another way of unlocking more sales is by following a consistent schedule every day. "Usually, I wake up at about 5 am to check my inquiries first thing in the morning," shared Edgardo Zenarosa, a Sales Officer. He emphasized the importance of checking his leads and inquiries as soon as he starts his day. This also gives him extra time to get more concerned about his clients' inquiries and delve into their requests and objections so he can find ways to help them.


These efforts of the Empire East agents to learn and adapt new ways to close a sale and their tenacity and dedication to helping their clients find their ideal home resulted in exponential growth in their skills and sales by the end of the quarter. In turn, their successes are rewarded with commissions and allowances to allow them room to perform their jobs more efficiently and comfortably. 


"I could only dream of getting a car and a condo before I started working at Empire East. Now, I have achieved both of my goals through my career," shared Dyan Cantor, another Gold awardee who has sold ten units in the third quarter of the year. 


In their training, Empire East imparts the importance of connectedness, commitment, and genuine concern with their clients as they go about their daily sales. These characteristics and habits, in turn, allow them to make a mark not just in sales but also as they change the lives of their clients in finding them a home. 


Empire East is dedicated to building communities that reflect their sales agents and employees' hard work and camaraderie to develop and connect more homebuyers to their ideal homes within Metro Manila. Visit our official website to learn more about available homes in your preferred locations! Empire East has also been actively opening job opportunities for more people amid the pandemic, particularly for a sales career. Condo ownership in and beyond Metro Manila is still proven to be an essential part of a growing Filipino family's lifestyle and goals. Should you wish to be part of the sales team for a chance to earn your first million pesos, you can send your resume to inquiry@empire-east.com.


Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. is a real estate developer known for its outstanding year-on-year income performance and its commitment to helping improve lives. In 2020, the Company earned GOLD in Excellence in CSR from the People's Choice Awards by the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA). In the same year, the Company earned the 'Asia's Most Outstanding Companies' award at the ACES awards by the MORS Group. Follow Empire East's stories online through its social media accounts


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