NEWS - 22 February 2021

How to Achieve The “Sweet Life”

Whether you live with family, or by yourself, your home should be where you feel the most comfortable. 

With most of us indoors, our home has also suddenly transformed into an office or study environment - gravely affecting the amount of comfort we now get. 


The question is, how do we lighten up our home?


Luckily, we have a short yet sure-fire list that will help you achieve your home sweet home. 



Decorate with sentimental items

While they may be kept for safekeeping, sentimental mementos are meant to be enjoyed and cherished! These help you remember personal stories from the past, which have the power to fill your home with positive energy.  Display items that can instantly spark not just joy but and motivation! 





Keep it organized


A cluttered home affects your mood and may cause anxiety attacks. Schedule your weekly clean-up and create organized systems to keep your home in order. 





Maintain a great smell  


Your home’s smell can affect the overall mood of the household. Open your windows for better air ventilation, burn scented candles, or use essential oils, to keep a pleasing fragrance that can help you keep calm amid your daily chores. 




Let the light in your home


Let there be light! Allowing natural sunlight in your home does wonder for your skin, sleep, and appetite! Fill your home with mirrors to let the light bounce around, giving an illusion of space and expanding your cognitive functions. Remove any blockages that might deflect the sun. 






Show effort and appreciate


Lastly, treat yourself and your loved ones from time to time and let them know that they are appreciated even with the smallest gifts and treats. Take this extra time at home to connect with those around you. 





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