NEWS - 04 May 2021

How to make your home cool for the summer

For many people, the months of April and May mean bright and sunny days, beach trips, bikinis and light clothing, and outdoor BBQs.


But now that most areas are placed under community quarantine regulations, we don't have any choice but to adhere to these guidelines and make ourselves comfortable in our homes.



Summer season is already in full swing, but we can’t afford a hot and cramped abode, can we? 


Here are a few helpful tips to make your home breezy and cool for the summer!


Close your blinds or curtains

Mid-day and afternoons prove to be the hottest times of the day. Block out the sun to prevent the heat from coming in by using dark curtains and blinds.


Install a ceiling fan

Did you know that a ceiling fan rotating counterclockwise pushes the airflow downwards and towards you? This creates a cooling effect around your home.


Use cotton fabric

Not only is it soft, but cotton is also a very breathable fabric. Opt for cotton bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers, and clothes to keep the light feeling around your home.


Let the evening air indoors

Temperature is known to drop during summer nights. Let your home cool down by opening the doors and windows during nighttime. Don’t forget to lock up before going to bed!


Get indoor plants

Plants make your area livelier, and they can also help maintain the coolness of your home. During the summer, plants that do well in keeping your home cool include aloe vera, ferns, snake plants, and golden photos plants.


Change the bulbs

Did you know that incandescent lightbulbs might be the culprit for a hot enclave? These types of lightbulbs produce a lot of heat, so switching to energy-saving ones can help maintain a cool temperature around your home, plus it saves heaps of energy costs!


Turn on your bathroom fans or exhaust fans in your kitchen

Doing so pulls out the hot air that rises after you cook or take hot showers out of your condo.


Do chores at night

One of the biggest heat violators are the appliances. Electric appliances such as laundry machines, driers, washers that run hot water, and microwave ovens emit heat energy contributing to the high temperature within your home. Try doing laundry at night to keep things cooler. Also, regularly clean your dryer vent for a quicker cycle.


Change your AC filters regularly

If you have an air conditioner, it is advisable to change your air filters every four to six weeks. A dirty filter reduces air quality and the efficiency of airflow, so make sure you have these filters handy in case the need for replacement arises.


Use light-colored sheets

To make the atmosphere cool and breathable, try to incorporate light and fun colors into your interiors. Choose bright hues like yellow, pastel, and neutral tones, which are easy on the eyes and give off cooling sensations.


Aside from these tips, make sure that your condo unit is high-quality and spacious enough to allow you to move and for the fresh air to get indoors. 


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