NEWS - 13 October 2020

INVESTmate: Why Investing With Your Best Mates Is Trending Now

Joint investments are ringing bells for businesses as the trend continues to rise globally. Why wouldn’t it? Starting with a lower investment capital per individual combined with lesser risk, forming a joint investment is THE business power move that most investors are doing nowadays. 


With only room for growth, you can take this trend to a personal level! Just invite a couple of open-minded friends a.k.a business partners, and you’re all set! 


Now the question is: Where do you invest? 



The future of investing in real estate around Metro Manila

According to international property consultant Knight Frank's latest Global Residential Cities Index, property value for Metro Manila rose for about 22% in March 2020 as compared to March 2019. 


Metro Manila has become the most sought after address after its continuous growth and development as the country pushes for its advanced infrastructure program -- it’s a no-brainer that most would want a piece of property to follow this growth. 


With this in mind, condo units, house and lot packages, and other real estate properties are selling like daily essentials, marking the region as the perfect location for homebuyers. 


Whatever your plan may be, investing in a home is the best choice you can make RIGHT NOW before real estate prices surge again. 


What’s the plan? 

If these reasons are enough for you to start an investment for a home, what’s the next step? Having a proper plan for your investment is part of what you and your business partners must discuss soon. 


Whether you’re planning to hold the property to sell it for a marked up price in the future or want to turn the unit into a rental property, any decision you make should consider long-term plans. 



Now here’s the fun part: doing it with your business partners! 


The perfect investment deal

There are so many real estate options, who do we trust?


Luckily, Empire East offers world-class condos in prime city locations at affordable prices!  Through INVESTMATE, Empire East encourages all kinds of relationships to fund something that will surely grow into an excellent investment in the future. 





Groups can avail themselves of a studio unit for as low as P2,066.69* monthly! Also, they can enjoy a 15% discount, plus 2.5% discount on Empire East’s latest project-- the Empire East Highland City!


An additional 2.5% discount awaits INVESTmates if they wish to get one with a larger space like a 2-bedroom unit!


The more people who are investing, the better! Here’s to a fruitful investment ahead. 


Gather your best buddies today, and let’s talk about the best deals for you and your INVESTMATE. Reach us through our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Email us at inquiry@empire-east.com. 


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