NEWS - 30 August 2021

Team Kahoy or Team Puti? These Filipino Instagram Accounts Prove You Can Do Both

As we try to make the most of our time indoors due to the pandemic, most people have turned to online social platforms and other activities in an attempt to hone their skills or try something new. While others have devoted their time to being a Plantito and Plantita, others actively share their interests and aspirations in online communities like HomebuddiesPH where the ongoing feud between #TeamKahoy and #TeamPuti started and persisted. 


Just like our wins in the 2021 Olympics and 2021 Paralympics or strong standing in Miss Universe and other beauty pageants, Filipinos have proven time and time again that they will always come out triumphant with their sunny disposition in life and natural talent. Despite the constant threat of the COVID19 virus, we always make lemonade out of our lemons. 


In turn, living indoors for many months has inspired a wide faction of homeowners and interior design lovers to get into content creation while sprucing up their respective spaces. From minimalist homes, Industrial lofts to Nordic spaces, we’ve all seen them online. Though some have started way before the surge of COVID19 and trending online communities, this specific era has enabled more people to invest in their homes and curate it however they want while producing content for their own social platforms. 


So, the question is: Team Kahoy or Team Puti?


Whether you’re Team Kahoy or Team Puti when it comes to home design, you’ll find that you can enjoy the best of both worlds once you discover the perfect balance like these Filipino homeowners and their spaces. 



Instagram user @pedersen.home’s Kahoy-Puti tandem proves to be cozy as it looks with her two dogs chilling in the living area. The play on different soft textures, absence of sharp edged decor, and faint lighting from the windows with sheer curtains demonstrate her expertise as an Interior stylist based in Norway, one of the motherlands of Nordic design.






Cebu-based Youtubers and rising Instagram user @okanacreativestudio demonstrate a Kahoy-Puti combination with pops of color that provides eye candy for any guests staying in their living area. Complete with their signature orange hue, their living space bears witness to their eye for design as up-and-coming trailblazers of DIY and home design.



Instagram user @casaraelph doesn’t shy away from using patterns in their home, whether that’s a geometric rug or a botanical-themed countertop. Regardless, they still capture the essence of the Kahoy-Puti combination with their laid-back yet modern take on home design. 





In their Kahoy-Puti-themed living area, Instagram user @ohjhoy.home makes sure they achieve a nice contrast using muted colors against their white walls and wooden coffee table. Different patterns and textures in their throw pillows, coffee table centerpiece, and sheer curtains also bring the whole room together.





Instagram user @mikeepatrixia’s vibrant Ontario home is furnished with wooden and rattan elements to complement her Kahoy-Puti living area. Staying in this area must feel like a day at the beach in the tropics with the accent walls’ sandy hue, an array of plants, and white linen sofa.




Instagram user @scandi.manila’s Kahoy-Puti dining area is so inviting; it prods you to partake in their humble home’s banquet. Complete with rattan coasters and pristine white plates, it makes you want to sit down and dine in with your loved ones, right?





Instagram user @playing_h0use decorates their stunning bedroom with beige accents to fit their Kahoy-Puti theme. It has a big mirror in a wooden frame to give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. You can even spot the plates used as decor in the bedroom to provide a bit of dynamism to the cohesive space. 






Instagram user @sunnieallday_’s array of plants completes their Kahoy-Puti bedroom to suit the overall organic and rustic feel. With its tufted headboard, fringe curtains, rattan bamboo pots, macra-weave tapestry, and cotton throw blanket, it is definitely a paradise of diverse textures and sound slumbers.




Instagram user @lifeeries takes you back in time with their personalized take on classic Kahoy-Puti decor items, prompting you to take a seat and relax at its wooden patio chair in front of a floor-length window behind a sheer curtain. Grab a book and enjoy some old-school tunes in this ‘for leisure only’ area. 



Nothing suits the theme of Kahoy-Puti more than Instagram user @casatanniey_decor’s dining area that is always bathed in sunlight during sunny mornings in their rental home. Despite having it based abroad, the trend that took the online community by storm is heavily felt in this beautiful space. 


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