NEWS - 16 September 2021

The Power of Research: Here's why people take years to decide on a home investment and how you can switch up the game

Back then, real estate options were limited to the fliers being handed to you at different commercial establishments, whether a grocery store or a mall. Some were even from newspaper property listings and television commercials (which are quite rare). These options would only become available to you if you’ve managed to see their advertisements. If you haven’t, you wouldn’t know there’s a perfect property for you and your family in one of your desired locations. 


You could only see the condo unit for yourself once you’ve settled with a real estate agent. Honestly, it isn’t easy to meet someone you can trust without seeing them first. It’s a long, tedious process that could have you second-guessing on purchasing a property, robbing you off of a great investment option just because of the hassle. 


But unlike what we’ve experienced before with home buying, the process today is much faster and trouble-free. Here’s why: 



Everything you could ever need is on the Internet. Property listings are everywhere, and thanks to our digital footprints, our online searching experience has become more personalized to our needs and intent, so stumbling upon information we need becomes easier! 


Aside from that, real estate companies have been strengthening their digital strategy, especially in the past two years.  This makes their information accessible online, and it’s not easy to compare features you hope to have in your dream home! Since every real estate company is now online, you’ll get to see which-of-which could provide you a better deal. 


And since we’re on the topic of a better deal, how about a 1-bedroom condo unit in a premier location for only Php 9,000 per month? With its proximity to the LRT Line 2 and up-and-coming businesses in the area, it is sure to make you arrive at a decision soon! Maybe it’s what you’ve been looking for all along. 


Real estate websites these days compete on a better user experience for every visitor to facilitate your search for the ideal home.  Filled with project photos, links to a contact page, chat functions, maps, floor plans, and even price ranges help you a lot in getting the right information. 



Since online selling is highly preferred due to its convenience, real estate agents have also taken their selling game from physical booths to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. 


From there, you can carefully scrutinize a person and gauge their professionalism even before talking with them. If this person is someone you can trust with your real estate buying journey, you can choose to email, text, or call them too If you’re lucky, all their achievements and client reviews will be made available publicly so you can trust them easily. And, if you have questions about a specific property that Google can’t answer, you can easily inquire and have an immediate answer. It’s always better to consult a professional, right? 


At Empire East, we have hundreds of real estate professionals to guide you in your home buying journey. Equipped with knowledge and experience, these people will walk you through our available projects, from a cosmopolitan enclave in the heart of Mandaluyong City, an exclusive address situated at San Juan City, and Empire East's biggest project to date — a 22-hectare luxurious uphill community that is spacious enough to accommodate you and your family's wants and needs.



Because of our Home Opportunity Alert Promo, you can avail a discounted 1-bedroom condo unit at Empire East Highland City for only Php 9,000 per month until September 30, 2021 only


This scenic condo unit that is within the proximity of LRT Line 2? It’s located in Pasig-Cainta which offers you an upscale living in an uphill community. Its advantages don’t end there. It also offers the benefit of being near several central business districts like Ortigas, Makati, and BGC. 


If you are interested in investing through our Home Opportunity Alert promo and want to view other Empire East projects under this, INQUIRE NOW by calling 0917- 8EMPIRE/ 0999- 88EELHI or sending an e-mail to inquiry@empire-east.com.


You can also follow @empireeast on social media to know more about it. If you have a question in mind, our Messenger is open for any queries. 


Hurry up while units last! Don’t take years to settle on a home investment because the perfect time is always NOW


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