NEWS - 14 September 2020

WFH hacks: How to boost your productivity at home

If you are working from home during the quarantine, we are well-aware of the numerous distractions we get daily. Sometimes, the peace and hum in the office setup is far from the background noise of plates clanging and dogs barking in our homes. So what do we do to prevent ourselves from getting distracted and staying productive while working from home?



Create a dedicated workspace




Are you the type who works best when propped up against windows and plump sheets? If you are then maybe it’s time to change this habit and create a designated workplace where you can block out unwanted movements and noises so you can focus on business. The chance of getting distracted when working on a bed or a couch is high because the mind associates these positions for slouching and resting. Therefore, it’s crucial that you separate your office from ‘home’ and truly work on setting an ideal work environment to stimulate your brain and get in the mood for work.





Write down your to-dos


Getting a headstart to your day by listing down the things that you need to accomplish is an effective way of preparing your brain to process your workload before you start doing them. There’s an unexplainable satisfaction one can get by crossing out a task from a lengthy list. Instead of writing them in general bulleted forms, jot down specific tasks required to complete a hard task. That way, you can help condition your brain that you’re actually doing productive by seeing that everything in your to-do list is crossed out.




DND mode: ON


If possible, turn off all notifications from your social media accounts, use your PC for work-related stuff, and only open your phone if something important comes up. Stay away from any distractions at all costs. If, for example, you live with other people and you have to keep up with the noise, playing an ambient or white noise in the background could be very helpful to keep you focused on tasks at hand.





Eat and live healthy


There’s a reason why more and more companies are starting to invest in fitness facilities for their employees. In a study conducted by Mansour Sharifzadeh of California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 2013, it is concluded that “if fitness could be increased through some type of fitness program, there would be a noticeable increase in productivity.”


Therefore, keeping tabs on your physical health is also an important asset in improving your productivity. There are plenty of quick and easy exercises you can do at home in-between breaks. Alongside exercise, a healthy diet is also crucial in maintaining a healthy mind to stimulate your cells and carry on with your tasks. Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand and there’s no excuse to neglect any of the two just because you’re working from home. Try to achieve an active lifestyle as much as you can, and condition your body to work.




Don’t be afraid to take breaks


It’s not a mortal sin to take a break when work becomes suffocating. A five to 10-minute coffee break just to contemplate and relax could be helpful to regain your focus. Give yourself ample time to breathe and process everything. Sometimes we feel too tired and overwhelmed to function and it takes a great toll on our productivity level. So go and take a break from your tasks and give yourself a pat on the back. Then keep rolling again.


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