NEWS - 10 September 2020

What It Means to Live in a Sustainable Community

What do you look forward to every morning? Is it the smell of roasted coffee beans, the beams of the sun’s glares, the calming breeze, or the sight of luscious greens outside your window?


For a business professional who works for more than 8 hours a day, living in a safe and comforting home could be an antidote to stress. Imagine going home to a warm and spacious pad, and waking up to the views of verdant hills and chirping of birds. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to live luxuriously like this every day?


Nowadays, more and more developers arch towards a sustainable path when it comes to building new residential properties. But what does it really mean to live in a sustainable community, and how convenient would it be for you and the environment?


Walking and feeling safe in your community

To live sustainably means to feel at ease-- at home, or within its vicinity. It gives the assurance of a well-maintained and guarded community where you can walk around freely at night and not feel estranged. 


A sustainable community is one that guarantees the residents a safe environment where the families, especially the kids, can wander around at any time of the day.


More fun times with your family

With allotted open spaces and green parks, a sustainable community provides enough area for family bonding activities. Each member can also enjoy the amenities which can surely satisfy their penchant for recreation.


Pet-friendly community

Fur parents will definitely appreciate a pet-friendly community for their babies. If you are part of that population, it’s more likely that you’ll find the home that accommodates pets and has enough space where they can stroll and play, which a sustainable community offers.


Accessible and Walkable Transit Options to CBDs

For a busy person, time is really of the essence, so it is important to secure a fast and convenient way of going to and from various appointments. A sustainable community provides direct access and proximity to the business districts through innovative transit options. So there’ll be lesser tendencies to ride a car and emit carbon footprints.


The luxurious uphill community’s sustainable roadmap

Top innovative real estate developer Empire East announced the launch of the very first elevated city in the country early last year. This new development is expected to bridge the gap between the highland and urban lifestyle of its future residents, captivating both the fabulous city luxuries and relaxing highland ambiance.


Empire East Highland City is a luxurious uphill community in the East that is envisioned to reinvent the way people live with its highland-infused and sustainable features that complement the lifestyle of modern home-seekers. This 24-hectare mixed-use development is set to heighten the standards of living and redefine the concept of an elevated city.


From construction up to completion of Empire East Highland City, various sustainable guidelines are promised to be met. This luxurious uphill community does not only adhere to global standards but also to eco-friendly and sustainable development goals.


Shifting from trendy to a sustainable alternative

In the near future, it is not impossible to opt from going to malls to just strolling in parks and green open spaces. On weekends, congested malls and hubs would be out of sight and be replaced by people spending their free time in parks or private lounges.


To live in a sustainable community means being able to experience an innovative lifestyle that benefits both a person’s well-being and the surrounding environment.


Thus, more spaces for open parks and walkways are now in the works in several developments such as the next big thing in the East, the Empire East Highland City, to cater to people’s need for a more sustainable community that will support not only the present but also the future generations. 


Live comfortably in a sustainable community and be one of the firsts to own a home in the country’s first elevated city! Call 8810-3333 or message inquiry@empire-east.com to know more! You can also visit www.empireeasthighlandcity.com for more updates.

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